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Opportunities to Engage

Creating Impact in the Community and the World

In neighborhoods across the country, Baha’is and their friends are engaged in a community building process that cultivates love and translates it into action.  Baha’is are committed to reshaping society around principles of oneness – such as love, inclusivity and reciprocity. We hope to join hands with the countless like-minded Americans working for these same goals,
and we invite you to take a look at our approach.

Devotional gatherings bring everyone together for prayer, song and meditation. They take on the cultural character of local communities and embrace many faith traditions. Prayer and quiet contemplation, as well as joyous singing, drumming and other artful offerings are features of many devotional gatherings.

Study circles for teens and adults offer a chance for small groups to learn together. Topics include: the nature of the soul, the basic teachings of the Baha’i Faith, the lives of its Founders, and training for children's class teachers and youth mentors. Every study circle includes a community service component.


Children’s classes are for a community’s youngest and most precious treasures. Our classes help children connect to their inherent nobility and goodness, and practice the qualities given to them by God, like kindness, generosity and forgiveness.


Junior youth groups help young people, ages 11 to 14, navigate a crucial time in their lives and build moral clarity for the many decisions they’ll face. Youth groups design service projects relevant to their neighborhoods and find healthy ways to socialize together.

Calendar of Activities
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all events are now virtual (via Zoom). 
Please contact us to join our weekly virtual Devotional Meetings.
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